Planned Giving

Friends of IA can invest in it’s future and the future of the SIA by making a gift through our Planned Giving program.? By making a planned gift you can gain financial and tax benefits for you and your family while supporting the SIA.

Consider naming the SIA in your will or estate or making the SIA a beneficiary of your IRA or Roth IRA. You can also have an immediate impact by donating securities now.

Please contact the President of the SIA to make the arrangements or if you have any questions about the SIA Planning Giving Program.

Outright gifts which provide an immediate tax deduction to you and an immediate benefit to the SIA are among the simplest. A donation of shares of readily marketable securities, e.g., stock which the SIA will sell and then use the proceeds to fund our programs. You will benefit from a tax deduction.

  • To make a stock donation ask your broker or custodian to transfer the stock to: The Society for Industrial Archeology # 2, Schwab account # 8894-0219
  • Your broker or custodian will know what to do. Please send a copy of your request to the President of the SIA so we can make sure the transfer is handled properly.
  • Donation Form PDF

Some things to think about —

  • By donating stock that has appreciated in value you may get a tax benefit equal to the total value of the stock.? If you sell the stock and give the proceeds to the SIA, you have to pay capital gains taxes on any appreciation and only receive a tax benefit equal to the net amount.
  • You may have received a share or two of something as a result of a Corporate Action.? Selling these shares may cost you more in commissions than you will receive in the sale.? By giving them to the SIA you can benefit from them without having to pay any sales commission.
  • Other options include gifting through your will or trust.? You could also make the SIA the beneficiary of your IRA or ROTH.? Another option is a Charitable Remainder Trust where you pledge assets to the SIA but continue to receive the income from them for your lifetime. You should consult an attorney to review your particular situation
  • Please note that at this time we can only accept cash or readily marketable securities. Let us know if you make the SIA a beneficiary in your will or trust so we can acknowledge your generous support.
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